How to declutter your home during COVID-19

Moving can be stressful enough in the best of times, but now there’s a list of restrictions, protocols, and uncertainties to navigate. In the various articles about how to manage the different components of a move in light of COVID-19, there’s one area that hasn’t gotten as much attention: Decluttering.

One of the most grueling, yet most critical, jobs to prepare for a move is to streamline your household items – decide what you want to get rid of, and pick what you’ll be taking to your new home.

Then, once everything is sorted, you need to figure out how you’re going to dispose of your unwanted goods. The three primary ways are:

  • Tossing your junk
  • Donating your goods
  • Reselling your items

The problem is, how do you get rid of your stuff when many places have closed or are no longer accepting items?

At MoveSnap, we offer personalized, location-based information for our clients looking to streamline their households before they move. Since coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown kicked in across the country, our support team has remained available, finding ways to help support our clients with their needs while keeping up-to-date on where they can dispose of their items. Continue reading “How to declutter your home during COVID-19”

5 tools helping real estate agents do their job during COVID-19

Real estate is no exception when it comes to industries that have had to adapt their business models due to COVID-19. Prior to social distancing, real estate ran as a high-touch, relationship-driven model that thrived through in-person interactions. With new measures in place that prevent group gatherings, real estate professionals have to get creative to keep servicing their clients.

While many agents had already started incorporating tools like virtual tours into their sales and marketing strategies, new restrictions for in-person showings and a temporary halt on open houses have tipped the scales for the adoption of these technologies across the field.

Now that the new rules of engagement are becoming clearer, agents are seeking out these tools and using them widely. Buyers and sellers are also adjusting to them out of necessity. While they don’t replace the in-person element, these tools are helping keep the industry afloat through unpredictable waters. Continue reading “5 tools helping real estate agents do their job during COVID-19”

6 COVID-19 relief programs for new homeowners

As the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to unfold, the federal government stands by its commitment to help support Canadians financially affected by the virus.

Many who are in the process of moving likely still have questions about how the whole operation should unfold over the weeks ahead. Both industry and government leaders are adapting to completely unprecedented circumstances and are seeking solutions. Our article on moving during COVID-19 offers some details on how that’s playing out so far.

The MoveSnap team is actively compiling a database of information to help support our clients with their move and household-related questions. Continue reading “6 COVID-19 relief programs for new homeowners”

What to know about moving during COVID-19

If you are in the process of moving or have a move scheduled within the next few months, you may have questions and concerns regarding how COVID-19 will impact your move. Information is changing by the day – sometimes by the hour – and varies from province to province. The most important thing, however, is that you stay safe! The federal government has published a list of coronavirus safety guidelines set out by experts, and they’re updating their official sites daily as new information emerges.

While we’re not an official government or health site, we’re here to help answer questions about moving during COVID-19. We’ll be posting updates during the pandemic to keep you informed. And if you’re a current MoveSnap user, our Concierge Team is on call to address any questions or concerns. Continue reading “What to know about moving during COVID-19”

4 tips for crushing your long-distance move

By Michelle McNally/Livabl

Leading up to the end of university, some of my good friends took jobs out of the province and moved away. One girlfriend relocated to New Brunswick, the other, Manitoba. Another friend parted ways with his beloved overstuffed sofa and made the trek out west to Alberta.

While I was posing awkwardly for graduation photos, my school colleagues were frantically trying to navigate the logistical challenges that everyone faces when it comes to moving long-distance — how to get you and your cherished IKEA futon thousands of kilometers across the country.

Moving long-distance involves more than just the physical and operational challenges. Of course, there’s the overwhelming task of packing your worldly possessions, re-registering a lifetime’s worth of IDs, and then transporting your belongings to a distant destination, but there’s emotions at play too. Continue reading “4 tips for crushing your long-distance move”

5 things all the best brokerages have in common

We all know what the best companies look like. These are the companies with the highest achieving teams, the most solid track record, the brightest reputation, and above all, the happiest people. It’s the place where other teams stick their collective nose against the window pane looking at the amazing party happening inside while trying to figure out how to sneak in through the service elevator.

The most outstanding real estate brokerages may vary in terms of demographic, roster, and location but, after working with thousands of broker partners across the country, we’ve noticed that they all share common practices. Here’s MoveSnap’s rundown of the 5 things all the best brokerages do: Continue reading “5 things all the best brokerages have in common”

Your ultimate life-saving guide to moving in the winter

It’s a commonly held belief that the most effective way to compound the misery of moving is to move during the winter. Many of these beliefs can be directly traced back to the malicious trifecta known as cold, ice and snow. Think: slushy boots trampling over carpets, back-breaking shovelling, higher risk of injury, and biting winds that prick your eyeballs as you huff in and out of the house for 12 hours straight. Some of you will even be rewarded for these efforts with the flu.

But if you closed on your home in the fall, there’s a good chance you’ll be joining the winter warrior ranks. MoveSnap has helped thousands of movers seamlessly change residences in all seasons, and we’re happy to share our tips and tricks for your easiest winter move ever. Continue reading “Your ultimate life-saving guide to moving in the winter”

Everything you need to know about updating your Canadian driver’s licence before you move

Updating your address on government documents is the going to the dentist of moving. You really, really don’t want to do it. You know you could technically get away with not doing it and you’d still be able to complete your move. But you also know that if you don’t do it, you’ll end up with the bureaucratic equivalent of a mouth full of cavities, gum disease and a $2,000 dental bill. Continue reading “Everything you need to know about updating your Canadian driver’s licence before you move”