Your ultimate life-saving guide to moving in the winter

It’s a commonly held belief that the most effective way to compound the misery of moving is to move during the winter. Many of these beliefs can be directly traced back to the malicious trifecta known as cold, ice and snow. Think: slushy boots trampling over carpets, back-breaking shovelling, higher risk of injury, and biting winds that prick your eyeballs as you huff in and out of the house for 12 hours straight. Some of you will even be rewarded for these efforts with the flu.

But if you closed on your home in the fall, there’s a good chance you’ll be joining the winter warrior ranks. MoveSnap has helped thousands of movers seamlessly change residences in all seasons, and we’re happy to share our tips and tricks for your easiest winter move ever. Continue reading “Your ultimate life-saving guide to moving in the winter”

Everything you need to know about updating your Canadian driver’s licence & vehicle registration before you move

Updating your address on government documents is the going to the dentist of moving. You really, really don’t want to do it. You know you could technically get away with not doing it and you’d still be able to complete your move. But you also know that if you don’t do it, you’ll end up with the bureaucratic equivalent of a mouth full of cavities, gum disease and a $2,000 dental bill. Continue reading “Everything you need to know about updating your Canadian driver’s licence & vehicle registration before you move”

6 common mistakes that are costing you referrals and repeats (Part I)

Are you ready for a statistic? Of course you’re ready for a statistic. Everyone loves statistics. Here it is: According to a market survey, 88% of home buyers say they would use the same realtor for a future home purchase. Awesome! Fish in a barrel.

Are you ready for another statistic? Hope you’re sitting down because this one is as pleasant as being slapped with one of the fish in that barrel: According to the same survey, only 11% of that same cohort will actually follow through on the repeat business.

So, what gets lost in transition? Well, you do.

Continue reading “6 common mistakes that are costing you referrals and repeats (Part I)”

5 ways your realtor helps you behind the scenes

Few professions demand the same time commitment, dedication and versatility as real estate.

The hours you and your realtor spend in the car – shuttling from listing appointments to open houses, talking about life, love, and the ungodly state of the market – is but the tip of the iceberg. Then there’s the pile of off-hour tasks they need to fulfil, market trends to keep up with, legal knowledge they must possess, and Baroque-level expertise in interior design that make up just a few more reasons you can’t move without one.

Like a duck furiously paddling its feet below the surface, here are five ways your realtor is hustling to make magic happen behind the scenes. Continue reading “5 ways your realtor helps you behind the scenes”

Does your real estate professional truly care about you?

Many real estate professionals market themselves as going the extra mile. And like all reasonably abstract terms, this can be defined as anything. Some historical examples of “going the extra mile” have included:

  • Performing customized exorcisms.
  • Pretending to love their clients’ pets.
  • Open House weekends during apocalyptic blizzards.

And by the way, this is all great. It may even hit the extra two-mile threshold. Continue reading “Does your real estate professional truly care about you?”

Prep work: 5 things to do in your new kitchen BEFORE you unpack

The kitchen has long been the heart of the home. But it’s also been a centre for grime, grease, and an assortment of kitchen tools you’ve used once then put away.

It’s been 5 years, if you haven’t started juicing by now, you’re not going to start…

The kitchen is also usually the first place you want to unpack!  It gives you the feeling of being “home” and it’s exciting to imagine all the meals you’ll cook and holidays you’ll celebrate. Continue reading “Prep work: 5 things to do in your new kitchen BEFORE you unpack”

5 #winning social media tips for realtors

Looking to boost your reach through social media, get more leads and engage audience with your business? We’ve collaborated with Zoocasa to list 5 social media tips for real estate agents today.

In the hot Toronto real estate market, it can be difficult to stand out from your competition. As a result, social media emerged as one of the most important tools for lead generation for agents. But maintaining an effective online presence takes thought and strategy. Here are some tips on how you can stand out from the competition. Continue reading “5 #winning social media tips for realtors”

Introducing MoveSnap Concierge

Over the past two years we’ve helped thousands of individuals and families simplify one of life’s most stressful experiences – their move.  Our platform has saved people time, money, and most importantly, the enormous stress that comes with relocation.

From our early days as a company, our vision has been to deliver an experience that’s not only extremely helpful, but one that really makes a difference in people’s lives. This guides everything we do!

When moving, households get confused and stressed about who to trust, how to get their moving-related tasks done, and struggle to get themselves organized for the big day.  That’s why we’re so excited to introduce MoveSnap Concierge, an experience that’s turns the relocation experience to what it should be – a simple and exciting one. Continue reading “Introducing MoveSnap Concierge”