This is the ‘sweet spot’ for real estate referrals

We know real estate is a relationship business, not a transactional business, so you’ve got to be there, helping your clients, growing your relationships with them.

Now think about this.   As a real estate agent, you’re coming into your clients’ house, you’re talking to them about their biggest asset, you’re mediating fights. You become a big part of their lives.

Then, all of a sudden, ink goes to paper and poof, you disappear until closing. You’ve left your clients cold-turkey and they’re pretty irritated because that’s when they really need your help.  Whether it’s helping them arrange a moving truck, or a mortgage, or figuring out how to connect their electricity.

Whatever it may be, they need you and that’s what you’re there for. You’re not just there to market their property and negotiate the offer.   You cannot up and disappear and expect to show up with a gift basket or a bottle of wine at closing, looking to save face, and expect they’re just going to tell everyone about you.

HOWEVER, if you’re there for your clients, and help them through the toughest time of their life, when your clients tell people they just bought or sold a house, what are they being asked at that point?  Hey, who was your realtor? How was he or she?

If you’ve been super helpful, they’re going to be screaming your name from the rooftop – and THAT’s where your BEST referrals are going to come from.   It’s called THE LAW OF RECIPROCITY.  Do something nice, for me, and I’ll return the favor – and then some!.

That is YOUR SWEET SPOT for referrals, not after your clients moved into their new house and all they’re talking about my new home.  That’s when you become a thing of the past.

Without a doubt – the time between closing and signing is your BIGGEST opportunity to add value and you will get more referrals.

What you do for your clients will make the difference between a referral or seeing someone else’s sign on their lawn when they need to sell a few years from now.