5 reasons to add MoveSnap Concierge to your business today

movesnap concierge

Buying or selling a home is stressful, but what’s even more stressful is moving. Your clients struggle with getting dozens of tasks like connecting utilities, packing, forwarding mail, and many other tasks that take up valuable time and cause frustration.   

Two years ago, we started building a technology and a concierge service that makes the entire process of moving super simple.   So far, we’ve helped over 25,000 households save time, money, and most importantly the stress that comes with moving.  Hundreds of the country’s most successful Real Estate and Legal professionals are now offering MoveSnap to their clients because they clearly see the value and returns on adding value to their clients and making sure they have the smoothest experience possible.   

So why do top performing Real Estate and Legal professionals add MoveSnap to their services?

A great client experience gets clients talking

Who are the companies dominating the world today?   Uber, AirBNB and Amazon.  Why are they so successful while their competitors struggle?  It’s because consumers are choosing experiences over anything else. Real Estate is not just a transaction.  You need to to be part of your clients’ real estate journey, by creating remarkable experiences.  MoveSnap Concierge works at one of the most stressful times of the transaction, easing your clients into their new home with an experience they won’t only appreciate, but will have them talking to their friends about.

Standing out in the market is crucial

Competition is always fierce and when everyone’s marketing and pitch looks and sounds the same, consumers will flock to the one who offers the lowest price.  To sustain your commissions or rates, differentiating your business means adding value and doing what others cannot or will not.  This is where MoveSnap Concierge shines.  We’ll fully support all your marketing and positioning efforts to make sure you’re differentiating yourself from day one and winning more business.

Offer value without a big price tag 

While the word “Concierge” does have an expensive tone to it, we’ve made it incredibly affordable.   Typically relocation assistance was only offered to corporate executives at a cost of tens of thousands from high-margin relocation companies.  In the last 2 years, we figured out how to leverage technology to deliver an even better level of service at a fraction of the cost.   MoveSnap Concierge works out to just a few dollars per client and our partners have seen as much as 20x return in the way of referrals and additional business.

Give clients expert-level service

If you’re thinking MoveSnap Concierge sounds great, but this is something that you or your assistant could take on, you’re probably right.  Anyone can help a client at a time of need and you might get by with handing out a moving checklist.   What makes MoveSnap Concierge unique is that we have the experience from thousands of moves under our belt.   We’ve developed expertise like nobody else in the industry.  From to which utility providers service a particular condo, to handling complex downsizing and first-time buyer situations.   When your client receives expert care and advice, it makes their entire experience seamless and reflects positively on you.

Turn clients to raving fans

Nothing beats a referral or using recent testimonials to win the trust of new prospects.  At MoveSnap, our success is measured solely by your success.   That’s why we’ve developed our unique Testimonial Engine program.   No more forgetting to survey your clients or ask for a testimonial or review that you can use.   We do all the work for you and hand-deliver you incredible results – all included in as part of the MoveSnap Concierge service.

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