Does your real estate professional truly care about you?

Many real estate professionals market themselves as going the extra mile. And like all reasonably abstract terms, this can be defined as anything. Some historical examples of “going the extra mile” have included:

  • Performing customized exorcisms.
  • Pretending to love their clients’ pets.
  • Open House weekends during apocalyptic blizzards.

And by the way, this is all great. It may even hit the extra two-mile threshold. Continue reading “Does your real estate professional truly care about you?”

Prep work: 5 things to do in your new kitchen BEFORE you unpack

The kitchen has long been the heart of the home. But it’s also been a centre for grime, grease, and an assortment of kitchen tools you’ve used once then put away.

It’s been 5 years, if you haven’t started juicing by now, you’re not going to start…

The kitchen is also usually the first place you want to unpack!  It gives you the feeling of being “home” and it’s exciting to imagine all the meals you’ll cook and holidays you’ll celebrate. Continue reading “Prep work: 5 things to do in your new kitchen BEFORE you unpack”

Checklist: Add these if moving in Ontario

Moving is a busy time.  While you’re dealing with cleaning, packing, decluttering and dozens of other logistics, it’s easy to completely forget to add a few critical things to your moving checklist.  Neglecting to do these tasks could cost you money, stress and anxiety down the road.

Here are the six things that are considered as “musts”, so you can make sure they are part of your checklist. Continue reading “Checklist: Add these if moving in Ontario”

Two days before moving day – pack your tactical bag

moving day packing

When your moving day is only hours away, you’re shoving stuff in boxes and your entire life is in chaos.  One thing that many folks forget to do they prepare to move, is forgetting to  pack a tactical bag.   A tactical bag contains everything you’ll need to facilitate moving, without anything you actually want to move.

It helps make sure you’ve got everything you need with you on your actual moving day, so that you don’t have to dig through boxes or get frustrated trying to find items you’ll need in order to settle into your new home faster.

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Hiring cheap movers? Here’s what to expect

hiring cheap movers toronto

There it is.  A Kijiji ad that touts “the best movers in town for $40 per hour”.

On the surface, hiring cheap movers sounds like a great deal compared to renting a truck and getting your friends to volunteer their time in exchange for pizza and beer.   However, it’s worth taking a deeper look at what could potentially happen if you hire the wrong company.  The costs and emotional toll of hiring the wrong moving company can be devastating if you make the wrong choice (and there are enough stories out there to prove it).

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