The ultimate guide to Snapchat for real estate agents

While all eyes are on Facebook as the ultimate platform for Real Estate lead generation, Snapchat is emerging as one of the top up-and-coming platforms for Real Estate professionals.   As with most social platforms, being there first gains you a huge competitive advantage to getting in front of your audience.

We wrote this guide to illustrate why we think Snapchat is going to become a powerhouse for Real Estate professionals and why it makes sense to start investing now.   This guide won’t include the nitty gritty details on how to setup Snapchat or troubleshoot it, but here’s a great blog once you decide if Snapchat is right for you. Continue reading “The ultimate guide to Snapchat for real estate agents”

Checklist: Add these if moving in Ontario

Moving is a busy time.  While you’re dealing with cleaning, packing, decluttering and dozens of other logistics, it’s easy to completely forget to add a few critical things to your moving checklist.  Neglecting to do these tasks could cost you money, stress and anxiety down the road.

Here are the six things that are considered as “musts”, so you can make sure they are part of your checklist. Continue reading “Checklist: Add these if moving in Ontario”

How much money are you leaving on the table?

It’s Monday morning and time to make your plan for the week. Will you be making cold-calls? Will you be door-knocking? Maybe this is the week you’ll finally try out those Facebook ads you’ve been hearing so much about?

Without a doubt, consistently marketing and building your pipeline of leads, is a given. It is a survival instinct that any successful agent needs to make part of their DNA. As you’re nearing cold-call number 60 for the day, how often do you pause to think if your efforts and hard-earned money are getting you the best returns?

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Are you asking for referrals all wrong?

You’ve done an incredible job for your sellers.  Got them a record-breaking price for their home and helped them downsize to a great condo.  With your clients ecstatic by the job you’ve done, this sounds like a perfect time to ask for referrals.

It’s been two months since they’ve settled into their new place, so you drop in for a visit to see how they’re doing.  Before you head out the door, you go for the question.  “Would you know anyone else that might be buying or selling?”  Your client thinks about it for a moment and says, “hmmm…no…I really can’t think of anyone”.   That may be the very truth, but if this is the answer you’re used to hearing, you may be asking for referrals the wrong way.  There is a better way that produces better results.

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Two days before moving day – pack your tactical bag

moving day packing

When your moving day is only hours away, you’re shoving stuff in boxes and your entire life is in chaos.  One thing that many folks forget to do they prepare to move, is forgetting to  pack a tactical bag.   A tactical bag contains everything you’ll need to facilitate moving, without anything you actually want to move.

It helps make sure you’ve got everything you need with you on your actual moving day, so that you don’t have to dig through boxes or get frustrated trying to find items you’ll need in order to settle into your new home faster.

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Hiring cheap movers? Here’s what to expect

hiring cheap movers toronto

There it is.  A Kijiji ad that touts “the best movers in town for $40 per hour”.

On the surface, hiring cheap movers sounds like a great deal compared to renting a truck and getting your friends to volunteer their time in exchange for pizza and beer.   However, it’s worth taking a deeper look at what could potentially happen if you hire the wrong company.  The costs and emotional toll of hiring the wrong moving company can be devastating if you make the wrong choice (and there are enough stories out there to prove it).

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8 things to toss before moving

things to Toss Before Moving

A top thought people have as they prepare to move is “how did I end up with so much stuff”?

You certainly don’t want to pay to move stuff you no longer need and this is a perfect chance to take a good look through all your stuff and decide what should be donated, tossed, sold (or perhaps burned?)

When it comes to tossing your stuff, there are always the “usual suspects”.  These are the places where you’ll find plenty of stuff to fill many garbage bags.

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